ci230 - the next generation of NFC development & test

NFC test speed

High Speed Test

Thanks to its revolutionary architecture, ci230 provides high speed test execution for both analog and digital NFC testing. For development and production, its a perfect tool to save time and money.

As time to market is a constant factor for new developments, specifically for EMVCo 3.0 ci230 will speed up your development by 

Examples for test time:
Full EMVCo 3.0 PCD analog: ~40 min
Full ISO Card analog: ~3 min

ci230 NFC waveform

Detailed system insights

Our detailed analog tests and reports enable customers to overcome the most challenging designs in NFC history.

As the worlds only tool ci230 provides absolute analog values including margin - even for test cases were this is not a requirement. 

Our proven by success absolute sensitivty measurement is one of the key features enabling you to optimize your AFE/Controller to the very last bit.

Picture shows parasitic modulation from an LCD screen before and after a type B modulation in EMVCo loopback mode.

ci23ß EMVCo contactless sensitivity

Highest analog performance

When it comes to analog performance of ci230, the word compromise does not exist.
Our highest goal is to help customers achieve their goal of a successful and timely design process showing highlighting every detail of the NFC interface.

While competitors are using split digital and analog traces and recording, we provide analog and digital traces from only one source. No additional equipment or antennas requried.

Interested in what difference highest analog performance can make to your design?

ci230 NFC analog waveform details

More than a test bench

Did you ever come across failing a test on a test bench which does not have the capability to debug what you need?

ci230 seamlessly integrates with state of the art oscilloscopes, signal generators and even other test benches. A complete set of trigger input / output options enable you to take full control of the task.

Trigger on any protocol types, frames, start or end, data patterns or errors. You will experience a totally new and beneficial way of debug and development.

NFC standards

Multi Standard

- ISO14443 / ISO10373-6 & 7
- NFC-Forum
- EMVCo 3.0

On top, users have access to all test cases to create modified / extended test cases or fully user defined test cases.

Analyzing and verifying digital testcases over analog parameters was never easier.

NFC certification

Certification proven

Multiple terminals cross tested between EMVCo accredited labs and ci230 prove the new way of terminal development.

Knowing the margin for each single parameter, you have exactly the information you need to pass certification in the lab right away!

ci230 analysis and comparison

Analysis & comparison

A rich set of features for detailed result analysis and device comparison provides a unique insight during pre-compliance testing. Direct analog & digital traces can be recorded for each standard or customized test case.

"We are using our labs test bench"

An often recognized situation is:
Developers are purchasing the same test bench as the certification lab they're using.

"How can ci230 help if not used by the lab I'm going to use for certification?"

The simple response is: ci230 provides you all details to select what lab fits best and closest to your design. With existing comparison data and results including margin to limit in specific labs, ci230 enables you to get independent of known structures.

Pass / Fail results are only one half
ci230 provides absolute values and graphilcal indicators for parameters that require optimization. This enables you to increase margins at the right spot.

ci230 UI

Intuitive and powerful UI

Created by developers for developers - the user interface for ci230 is an intuitive and powerful tool that enables a quick start and provides all functions and features for detailed analysis and increased development speed.

Although it might be the easiest to use NFC test tool you've ever used, it provides highes versatility and flexibility when it comes to low level debug. 

Recording the host interface and analog debug signals from the AFE is possible while running test cases - without any impact on test speed or test execution.

NFC API ci230

Customized Testing

Creating your own test cases is possible thru the native GUI - Integration into your test bench or production test environment is done by using our extensive API.

Need help?
We support customers from start to end, from development to production.
On-site or remote.
Benefit from the flexibility we provide.

ci230 ISO test setup

Direct Antenna Connection

The output & input stages are designed to directly interface to all NFC standardized antennas
e.g. ISO / NFC-Forum* & EMVCo*

*requires external 10dB attenuator for highest accuracy

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