Next Generation NFC Test Equipment

High Speed Test

Thanks to its revolutionary architecture, ci230 provides high speed test execution for both analog and digital NFC testing. For development and production, its a perfect tool to save both time and money.

Multi Standard

ci230 supports a wide range of standards:
- ISO14443 / ISO10373-6 & 7
- NFC-Forum

Analysis & comparison

A rich set of features for detailed result analysis and device comparison provides a unique insight during pre-compliance testing. Direct analog & digital traces can be recorded for each standard or customized test case.

Customized Testing

Creating your own test cases is possible thru the native GUI - Integration into your test bench is done by using our extensive API.

Direct Antenna Connection

The output & input stages are designed to directly interface to all NFC standardized antennas
e.g. ISO / NFC-Forum & EMVCo

Intuitive and powerful UI

Created by developers for developers - the user interface for ci230 is an intuitive tool that enables a quick start and provides all functions and features for detailed analysis.

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